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Talent Show

The first ever Wellington Elementary Talent Show is set for Friday, March 6th from 6-8pm!


We welcome all Wellington Elementary students to showcase their talents, be that on a musical instrument, dancing, magic, juggling...or any other talent. 


Click here to sign up here for the talent show!



- Talent Show is open to all students who wish to showcase their talent
- All performers should sign up in advance
- All performances should be 4 minutes or less
- All performers must attend the rehearsal- Friday, Feb. 28th 6-9pm
- Backing tracks are allowed and should be provided in MP3 format, prior to the rehearsal date
- Wellington students who would like to bring other group members, for example other band members, should provide details to the Talent Show Chair. Supporting performers will be allowed providing they are of elementary school age.


Questions?  Contact the Talent Show Chairs:

Kayo Stone
Jacob Staff

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