Webster Continues to Challenge the Wolverines!


Webster, our wolverine mascot, has challenged Wellington to raise $25,000 for the upcoming school year. This allows support for services, programs, and grants funded by your Wellington PTA. 


In the First Day Packet there was a green flyer discussing Webster's Challenge and a donation envelope. Please send that donation envelope to school with your student by Monday, Sept 20th. We thank you for your generosity!


If we make our goal, then we will be celebrating with 2 prizes and an extra recess! 

For the ENTIRE school! 


The classroom that brings in the highest amount of donations (by class average) will recieve the following: Teacher receives $500 for use in classroom, & the Golden Pawprint plaque. Each student will receive a mini mystery putty, WC tattoo & mini foam finger. Plus, the class chooses Mr. Matthias’ Halloween costume.


The classroom that comes in second place will recieve: Teacher receives $300 for use in classroom. Each student will receive a pop-it fidget spinner, & silicone bracelet; plus, Mr. Matthias joins a PE class.


 The third place classroom will be all recieving a pair of sunglasses; & Teacher will receives $150 for use in classroom. Plus, Mr. Matthias does a song with the class.



Do you want to help support your Wellington PTA?

It's easy! 

  1. Donate today directly on the Wellington Elementary PTA site here
  2. Or, return an envelope with your donation to the school with your child's name & teacher info.
  3. Any questions? Email: president@wellingtonpta.org