Missoula Children’s Theatre (MCT) production of “Peter & Wendy” is coming to Wellington!!


 Online registration begins on

Thursday, February 15th at 9:00pm.  


You Must register your child if they wish to participate in the audition/performance.  We will not be able to exceed a maximum number of cast members so please register early. Your child will be placed on a wait list if all spots are filled at the time of registration. You will be notified the week leading up to the audition if your child gets off the wait list.  At 9:00pm on Thursday February. 15th.


Auditions will be held Monday, March 4th, 2024 from 3:40-5:50pm in the Wellington Gym (after a quick snack and bathroom break). 

All registered participants MUST​ be there for the entire audition process (3:40-5:50pm). 

The audition is only for students who have registered, been confirmed and attend school Monday, those students should come directly to the gym after school. The cast will be announced about 5:40pm.  Some students will have rehearsal after auditions on Monday.  They will need a dinner from home. Typically this has been older kids (5th and some 4th graders).


  • Acting roles will be available for students in 1st -5th grade.
  • The auditions will determine what role your student will play in the production.
  • Some assistant director roles for 5th grade students will be available.
  • Total cast will be approximately 50-60 students.
  • Dress rehearsal and performances will be on Sat. March 9th (1:00 & 3:30)


Preparing for Auditions: No advanced preparation is necessary. Be ready to listen and follow instructions and bring your biggest voice and smile.


Students who are cast, MUST:

  • Attend rehearsal daily from Monday, March 4th through Friday, March 8th from 3:40 to 8:00pm (Wellington gym), depending on role. Some roles will rehearse after the tryout (those tend to be older grade children, please pack them an extra snack or bring an easy dinner to the role announcement, just in case). Typically younger kids (1st graders) will only rehearse 2 hours after school not the whole evening (typically).
  • Attend dress rehearsal and productions ALL DAY Saturday, March 9th (this is an all-day obligation).
  • Be available to attend each and every rehearsal required for their role. A detailed rehearsal schedule will be distributed after auditions.
  • Pay $75 participation fee (scholarships are available through PTA contact, ScholarshipsWellingtonPTA@gmail.com ).


Early Release Wednesday: Rehearsal will begin at 2:20pm after a snack. Rehearsal for some will be over at 4:20 and others 6:30, please plan accordingly.

Other financial considerations: Tickets to attend the plays are not included (they are $7 per person per play). T-shirts sold by MCT and videos of the play will be available for purchase.

Also we will be selling flowers and snacks at the performances.  This is a way to help cover the costs of Missoula, please buy your flowers at the performance!!!


Please keep in mind that those parents of students cast will be asked to volunteer in some way during the week.

We need lots of help to run this activity.


MCT is a non-profit organization based in Missoula, Montana. This coming year, nearly 70,000 cast members across the globe will participate in MCT productions. Wellington PTA makes the residency at Wellington possible. For more info, please view their website to read their questions and answers for parents section: http://mctinc.org/mct-tour/parents-know/.


We look forward to seeing your student at the audition. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.



Mindy Hathcock




Stephanie Fennel